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I have worked with Erstwilder on a range of projects over the past year and this Beauty School Semester Two range is most definitely one of my top favourite projects to have worked on so far. Unlike most design jobs, the brief for this project was fairly loose, I was given a couple of photo reference with a few keywords and the rest was up my wild imaginations.

For this project, I started off with doing a bunch of research on vintage beauty products, beauty styles and rockabilly fashion for inspirations. Once I have a visual mood board for reference, I then set about doing rough preliminary sketches for the brooch design. Once the sketches are done, I then further develop the drawings in Illustrator, tidying up all the details and getting it ready for the final technical spec sheet. At this stage, I will also decide on which resin to use for which layer as well as specifying any technical detail for the factory. I love the mix of creativity and technical problem solving involved in the project and it never ceases to amaze me how simple and messy sketches can turn into such fun and quirky jewellery line.